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Capital Markets, (PIPES) Private Investment in Public Equities, (IPO) Initial Public Offering, Enquiry-Linked Financing Services | Vertical Group

Vertical Group offers a wide array of equity financing alternatives tailored to meet issuers' unique market capitalization, liquidity and performance needs. These alternatives include:

  • Initial public offerings (IPOs)
  • Secondary and follow-on offerings
  • Rights offerings
  • At-the-market offerings (ATMs)
  • PIPEs (Private Investment in Public Equities)
  • Registered direct placements and other accelerated processes utilizing effective shelf registration statements

Extensive transaction experience and knowledge of the equity capital markets allow us to assess prospects for successful equity offerings and tailor those offerings to best suit our clients' needs. Exceptional after-market support and focused market-making activity are part of our commitment to long-term partnerships.

Vertical Group's professionals have a deep understanding of equity market dynamics and institutional investors' perspectives, enabling greater accuracy in assessment of pricing parameters and the probability of a successful transaction. The ongoing service and due diligence we provide institutional buyers give us unique insight and access when marketing a transaction. Vertical's international distribution capabilities and relationships extend our reach to investors on both sides of the Atlantic. This perspective and our disciplined approach to marketing and pricing allow us to deliver highly efficient executions for our clients.