We look to serve our clients through a combination of differentiated supply/demand analysis, as well as deep financial statement fundamental work, spanning the Alternative Energy, Metals/Mining, and Industrial Sectors. We provide in-depth, contextual research and insights across all sectors and end markets within the Alternative Energy and Global Industrials sectors; we ... [More]


This coverage involves the monitoring and analysis of the food supply chain from the field all the way to the consumer. We are experts within the agribusiness and protein industries. We directly cover the farming and food production aspects of the US and global food/beverage supply chains, and supplement this with our knowledge of distributor, grocer and restaurant trend... [More]


Our approach toward analyzing bank stocks is from the top down. Movement in the economy, money supply, and interest rates as well as changes in government regulation and technology all have a significant part in shaping the fortunes of individual banks. Therefore, it is important to keep a focus on these broader issues. The analysis of banks themselves assumes that ... [More]


The Vertical Group provides exclusive affiliated third-party investigative reports in the digital media and internet advertising sectors. These unique reports combine channel intelligence and predictive data that can be used in conjunction with an institutional investor’s own financial models. Securities reported on: Activision Blizzard, Inc. Alphabet Inc. (Googl... [More]


Our mission is to serve our clients through the delivery of highly detailed, differentiated and independent research spanning the Technology Sector. We provide coverage across all sectors and end markets of Technology with a focus towards actionable and non-consensus long/short idea generation. [More]