‌With the economy expanding at a moderate pace and long-term inflation stable,the corporate fixed income market represents an integral part to the world’s financial markets.According to Bloomberg,new corporate bond issuance for 2013 surpassed 2012’s record ,re-enforcing global demand. Issuance continues to be strong as economists expect the Fed to hold the pace of it’s bond buying well into 2014 to bolster the weakened economy.

‌Here at The Vertical Group,dedication to our client relationships and professional integrity gives us the ability to provide the ultimate service to all of our customers,ranging from regional broker/dealers to the largest institutions. We operate on a global platform as we also service all the major European and Pacific Rim banks and brokerage firms.

We have a determined group of professionals with decades of experience in the fixed income markets both here and abroad. Our staff have expertise in North American as well as European markets and understand that the needs of our clients are paramount to our success.

‌As global financial markets become more complex and intertwined ,the combination of The Vertical Group’s Corporate Bond group and equity/derivative businesses ensures a full service brokerage to our clients while upholding our firm’s professionalism, dedication and integrity as well as full commitment to our client’s needs.

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