Vertical Group has the ability to trade in many markets. We provide quality execution services in all market environments offering 24/6 access to our experienced trading professionals. We have the knowledge and tools to provide quality executions and timely settlement services to both institutional clients and broker dealers. With more than 50 years of trading experience amongst our staff, we are experts in trading internationally. We service both institutional clients and broker dealers offering you access to our experienced trading and settlements staff.

Whether you are trading Single-Stock, Basket or Program, with single or multiple allocations, we can customize a solution to fit your requirements and take the normal challenges out of global trading.

Our clients can:
  • Send in orders electronically via FIX, via a file or by phone;
  • Receive Pre-Trade & Post-Trade analytics;
  • Settle & Allocate their transactions using: Omgeo ALERT and OASYS Global or CTM , via file transfer or e-mail;
  • Settle transactions either: (1) Directly in the traded market in local currency; or (2) Domestically in local currency or USD

Orders can be received via Sedol, ISIN, CUSIP, Bloomberg, Reuters or Exchange issued symbols. We optimize your electronic connectivity by providing a single point of contact for over 50 countries and 90 global exchanges & marketplaces. We increase efficiency and reduce costs, increasing your revenue opportunities while diversifying your business. Our global execution services instantly expand your global reach without the need for large capital outlays on additional manpower or major infrastructure requirements. As an agency international trading desk, we act as an extension of your trading and settlements desks. For Broker Dealers, we can settle directly with your client, reducing your cost and need for expensive manpower.